What's in my Makeup bag?

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I don't know about you guys, but I get really curious when someone posts a "What's in my makeup bag/ What's in my bag?" blog post or video. I guess I can be a bit nosy like that. And I'm sure most of you guys are in the same boat as me and might want to see what are in each other's makeup bag right? So here's mine, PLUS an Everyday Makeup routine. Cause I thought, why not post both? It's pretty similar anyway. PS: Do pardon me if my makeup can seem a bit dirty or "clearly used to death", 'cause yeah it is. Haha!

1. Concealer 

To start off, I use the Naturactor concealer in the shade 130, which is the lightest shade. At first it can seem a bit light on my face when first applied, but it blends in naturally when I go on to the next steps on my face. I put this concealer to cover my dark under eye circles as well as on my dark spots and my blemishes. As for this other concealer, which is the Revlon PhotoReady concealer in the shade Light Medium, I don't use this as much, but I sometimes apply this also to my dark circles over that Naturactor concealer to make it look more natural and not ghostly white. Sometimes I use my fingers to blend both concealers but recently I opted for using a brush to blend it in.

2. Powder Foundation

Next I apply the IN2IT Oil Control & Oil Free 2-way foundation in the shade Soft Beige all over my face with the Real Techniques Expert face brush. Most of the time, I dampen the brush with a bit of water and use that to apply the foundation since it gives full coverage. On more special occasions, I opt to use my Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse foundation in the shade Classic Ivory (light 2) with the Beauty Cosmetics Stippling brush. (photo below)

3. Eyebrow powder

This is honestly one of my favorite parts of doing my makeup, filling in my brows. I'm that type of girl who goes for more of a thick natural eyebrow rather than the thin one. I love Lily Collins too much, so I guess that's why. So I just use the IN2IT Waterproof Eyebrow powder with my Ecotools angled liner brush. I've had this powder kit for almost 2 years now and I still haven't hit pan. (Amazeballs, right??) Most often than not, I dampen my brush to apply the powder so that it would stay longer on my brows. Say Eyebrows on fleek? Note: After doing my brows, I usually like to line my lower and upper lash line with this eyebrow powder and smudge it a little bit just to make my eyes pop a bit. 

4. Mascara

Since my lashes are (sadly) not naturally curly, I have to curl them in order for them to stay in place. I use my Nichido Eyelash curler and my Maybelline The Falsies Waterproof mascara. I prefer using waterproof mascara since it holds the curl a lot longer. Another mascara I absolutely love is the Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara (in the orange tube), but I ran out and I couldn't find it anywhere when I was shopping, so I bought this instead.

5. Bronzer

This is probably one of the steps I just can't leave the house without doing. Since I have chubby cheeks and no cheekbones slash bone structure whatsoever,  I go for the more painless alternative to achieve the chiseled look, which is of course bronzer. I use the Nyx Matte Bronzer in the shade Deep along with my Beauty Cosmetics Contour brush. I absolutely love this brush because it gives me a strong contour so that I can at least have some cheekbones showing. This bronzing powder is my absolute fave, but sadly it got broken into little tiny bronzer pieces. *cries. And to be honest, this is my FOURTH (4th) bronzer to get broken. I know, I'm really clumsy. I guess it's because I keep bringing my bronzers with me, in my makeup bag. So huge tip to all you guys, DO NOT PUT YOUR BRONZER IN YOUR MAKEUP BAG AND PROBABLY THROW YOUR PURSE AROUND. IT WILL BREAK. I REPEAT. IT WILL BREAK!


Now these here are my babies. The three lippies I use almost everyday. First I start off by swiping on my Maybelline Baby Lips with Sunscreen SPF20 to moisten my lips and to protect it from the sun. (I usually do this before starting my makeup so when it's lippie time, it already has seeped in to my lips and it would not be as moist.) After that, I use my ultimate favorite Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in the color UNAPOLOGETIC. Yes, my blog is named after my favorite lipstick. And then lastly swipe on my Rimmel by Kate Moss lipstick in Rouge to lighten up my lips. Going back to Unapologetic, It is the perfect color for my lips. If you are like me and have naturally pale lips, nude lipsticks don't really suit me, but more of the darker pink colors. Although I would like to try going for the nude lip trend, but as of now I can't really pull it off. (for some reason, I'm not comfy with it). How bout you? Do you prefer nude or darker colored lips? 

To prove that this indeed is called Unapologetic, I tried my best to capture it's name. It took me ages to focus it and to find the right position, but hallelujah praise the Lord I did it. 

I hope you guys liked this post even if the photos weren't as good as it should be. Have a blessed Holy week everybody! Links to find some of the products mentioned below.

Forever 21 Makeup bag (similar here)
Real Techniques Expert face brush

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  1. You have a lot in your makeup bag! Haha. I've already posted my version but what I had was just the basics, pressed powder (i don't like using foundation), lipstick, blush, and eyebrow tools. LOL

    Lime & Life

    1. Haha yeaah, I sorta have a thing for makeup. I think it's because of all that makeup tutorials on youtube I've been watching for years. Lol that's okay too, simplicity is beauty. Xx

  2. I also use In2it because of its great coverage plus it helps me control the oil and stuff better! :)


    1. I knowwww!! I can last a day without having the urge to wipe my face with a blotting sheet or something! Xx

  3. Insightful read! I always get curious about other people's What's In My Makeup Bag posts since I get to have a closer look of what they use. It makes me curious too how there could be so many products (yes, I'm still learning about makeup! haha). I only use around 2-3 skincare products then use press powder. But that's just me. I'm sure a lot are fascinated with makeup and I really admire them for that :)

    Mimi | The Foxy Heroine

    1. Why thanks!! I get pretty curious as well. Haha yeah I've been playing around with makeup for a while now, it's because I'm pretty addicted to Youtube and the beauty community on there. Makes me want to go ahead and make a tutorial myself. Hahaha Xx

  4. This i my must have too in my makeup bag
    Simple everyday makeup indeed

    Check my new post.
    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin


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