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3:20 AM

What's cooking guys? How y'all doing? It's been a few weeks since I've posted a blog post and here I am again telling you all how busy I've been and all that. I'm making this a Life Update slash Style post because why not, right? Let's hit two birds with one stone! Yes? YES. 

What's Up:

Clearly, you guys have noticed my decrease in posting new content on this blog and it is due to non-other than the newest journey I have walked into (that got deep too quickly). With all the schoolworks and apprenticeship, I come home late at night all drained and I sometimes I can't even be bothered to open my laptop. Hence, the absence. 

The course I took at this lovely school is Certificate in Fashion Styling, the subjects I have consists of: Makeup Techniques, Fashion Photography, Fashion Styling and the Fashion Styling Apprenticeship or in other words, our internship. The best thing about those subjects are the very experienced professors who have been in the industry for a long time, gaining so much credibility and even sometimes, fame. They have worked with so many big names and big labels that being a student and an intern under them is such a great opportunity for me.  Not only that, it's absolutely a great experience, I'm having so much fun with my new friends and I don't know if it can get any better than this. Going back to my apprenticeship, it's probably the nearest I've gone into the fashion industry. I've met and assisted a good number of "big names" in the industry and I'm still in awe of their works.  Recently I've assisted in some photoshoots (one for a brand and another for a magazine) we are most likely familiar with. And soon enough, we'll be doing fashion shows, and I CAN'T WAIT FOR THAAAAAT! (Clearly, I'm not excited). 

I wore this outfit on the day I first stepped foot inside the school, of course since this is a fashion school, I had to make sure I dressed well. I mixed my neutrals to balance it off, using greys and blacks along with a tan color. I opted out of flashy jewelries but if I added a nice thin gold necklace, it would've looked a lot better. Actually I did this shoot inside the campus, shamelessly posing at the place where they call the "aquarium". It was good that the faculty and staff allowed me and just said "Go ahead, no problem!" when I asked if I could do OOTD photos along the hallways. Great people, Great school. I'm loving it so far!

What's Next:
To be quite honest, I haven't been really spot on sure what I'd do after my studies. Apparently, since I got my internship already, I don't have to get it again next semester, so I can already apply for work and start my career. I think I'd like to see how this apprenticeship goes and maybe start from there. I have honestly seen the fashion industry in a different light ever since I've started studying here, it's such a big yet small industry that you need a lot of work and a lot of connections to make it big. So right now, I'm still in that phase where I am testing the waters and learning new positions in the industry that I can gain experience from. I'm sure one of these days, I'd clearly see where I'd like to go. One thing is for sure, I'm staying in this industry and that is final.

What I'm feeling:
VERY HAPPY, honestly. Despite living without my parents here with me, I am enjoying myself. I like this being responsible and independent thing. Funnily enough, in my hometown I don't even commute as much on my own because I'm literally so scared to do it by myself. But here in the metro? I've tried MRT, LRT, Jeep, Tricy, Bus, Taxi and Pedicab, mostly on my own. And I commute every single day. (But of course, I don't take all those modes of transpo in one day) So it's something to get used to but I'm happy I get to adjust really quickly. 

Forever 21 Fedora hat and Midi Dress | Rubi by Cotton On Sandals | (Old/Given) Cross-body bag

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  1. love the outfit :)
    kisses from dubai ♥

  2. So happy for you, ate Joy!! Omg living the dreams. It's been a dream of mine to study there. I'd like to learn makeup techniques though because that's the area where I don't have any experience at all. Your course sounds fantastic. I wish you well there! I hope you keep us the dibs on how you're doing throughout your whole course. I'm definitely interested in learning more about the school. :)

    Mimi Gonzales | The Foxy Heroine

    1. Thaaaanks Mimi!! I'm pretty happy here, tbh. The school is awesome! Maybe you'd like to enroll here after college. It's totally worth it! I'll try my bestest to keep you guys updated. Thanks again! God bless! xx

  3. Glad to know you are doing well! :) I have a friend who graduated from SOFA, and now he's doing fashion shows on different places. He took fashion design, though, and from what I've heard, SOFA really has some of the best teachers in town. I know things are looking pretty hazy for your future plans, but I hope you'll be able to figure it out soon. It would take sometime to work things out, but I know you'll make it. :) Just enjoy the ride!!!

    xx Jhanz |


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