The Unsuspected Boho

9:24 PM

To be able to, might I say, "dress appropriately" for me, is just to find the balance; the balance of showing skin without dressing downright slutty.

I've always had a thing for shorts and skirts 'cause tbh I hate wearing jeans. Don't get me wrong, I still wear them, but given the chance to wear something less covered up, I'm down with it. (I mean, do you guys feel the heat lately? D WORST!) In this ensemble I opted to wear a nice long tribal print kimono to balance out my super-duper-really-short-shorts that might actually be too short to wear in public on its own. I paired them off with sneakers that I bought from ZALORA to dress it down a bit more and give it a sporty feel.

Speaking of sporty, if you still haven't noticed, I gained a bit during my blogging hiatus. I completely stopped dancing and even working out (which is really bad, I know.) But I'm on the lookout for some athletic footwear from Mizuno to give me a bit of inspiration to get back in track. (Mizuno is available at ZALORA too, so that's a plus!)

On the topic of being on a blogging hiatus: It's been a while, I know. For the longest time, I've wanted to get back to the swing of things, keep blogging, and keep taking outfit photos. But I guess living away from home has greatly affected the blogging life I so wanted to keep alive. The fact that I don't have a photographer to take my outfit photos is one, but the greater thing is not having the actual time to generate content because I've been so engrossed with my internship (which actually involves me blogging on another site.) To be honest, I've actually had these outfit shots taken before I left Zamboanga (about 3 months ago.) So yes, this was taken way back then and I haven't had the time to actually take new ones here in Manila, where I'm currently residing.

P.S. I do have plans to relaunch my blog soon, with a new layout and all that. Crossing my fingers I'd get to do that within the month.

Forever 21 Kimono and Shorts | Bershka Purse | ZALORA Sneakers 

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  2. Hi there Joy! I'm loving this outfit so much. You know this is the typical style that I've always wanted. The idea of matching the sneakers instead of spartan sandals or ballet shoes, is <3! And of course you look stunning! :)

    P.S. Sorry for the previous comment I've accidentally deleted it. God Bless!

    1. Hi Maine! Thanks so much for the kind words!! God bless! <3

  3. I can feel you! It's really hot. I was in Manila during the weekend and it's hotter there than here in Batangas. I like your kimono. It's such a cute piece in your outfit :)

    SHAIRA // New Post

  4. Great blog te joy, I read most of it and it was amazing! 💯🔥💣 see you soon!✨


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