Back in the hype

9:58 AM

Here I am again with another "I'm back" blog post. Yes, I know. I can be the most inconsistent blogger ever.

For a long time I've slacked off on uploading lookbook photos because I figured my usual "#OOTDs" on instagram don't make the lookbook level. Mainly because 1. Those were taken by my phone. 2. All good lookbook photos are taken somewhat professionally with more or less a DSLR camera. 3. It's embarrassing because of low quality. So my reasons kind of revolve on the fact that I didn't have a DSLR camera back then, hence not being active on lookbook (and on this blog for that matter). Last September, my parents "sort-of" surprised me with my very own DSLR, a Canon EOS 700D to be exact. Feeling? Ecstatic. So the new baby became my motivation to FINALLY continue blogging and lookbook..-ing.

Here are the most recent photos that were taken by the new baby. All photos (except one) were taken by my mom hence the not-so-professional shots (but I don't mind) and do forgive me for my very robotic modelling skills.

All photos found in my lookbook of course, be a fan if you would like to.

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