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So I'm guessing the moment you come across my blog, you'd ask yourself "Who is this girl?", of course based on my past (very amateur) blog posts, you might not get the real me. It's probably due to the fact that I've "grown" and learned a lot more on how to blog and whatnot (see what I did there?)

Here are 5 words I can describe myself as:

1. Optimistic 
Throughout my teenage life, I can honestly say I've got a fair share of ups and downs. (What a cliché thing to say) After listening to some of my mentors (one is my dad, others are my peacebuilder ate's and kuya's in school), I've learned a lot on how to look at the brighter side of life pretty much all the time. Every time I encounter a problem, I always tell myself there is a reason for that to happen, something better will reward me in the end if I go through this. So I guess that's a little tip for y'all, life will always have its downfalls but it's up to you on how you make out of it. Keep smiling!

2. Introvert
What people don't usually understand upon meeting me, is that I'm an Introvert (or an INTJ for that matter, google it, it's kind of interesting haha). An introvert is that type of person who wouldn't mind spending time alone and probably just read. That is why my sociability skills are at 9% over a hundred (yes I took a personality test a few months back), I have a difficult time making new friends or even just saying Hi to old friends that I haven't spoken to in months. I get self-conscious thinking that person wouldn't appreciate my being "friendly" and I keep telling myself I wouldn't know what to say. So yeah it kind of results to people labelling me as a snob and stuff like that. But mind you, it doesn't mean I don't have ANY friends, I have great groups of friends, but I'm just not good at making NEW friends. *heavy sigh

3. Strong
Wow, I never thought I'd actually call myself that. Haha. But I guess I believe I am. I'm not easily frightened or nervous, probably it coincides with the fact that I'm optimistic as stated above, I keep looking at the brighter side of each situation. And I'm that type of girl that likes to take risks or do adventurous things. Aside from that, I can say I'm very strong-minded, when I believe in something, I stick to it and I'm not easily influenced.

4. Dreamer
I am a dreamer, a goal-driven person. I've always dreamed about joining the fashion industry all my life and I won't stop until I reach it. I've always found myself thinking of the future and how I want it to be. With that, I've noticed that I can reach my dreams bit by bit. I've never been that type of person that doesn't know what to be when the future comes. I've always had my head stuck on the fact that I want to be something I'd be proud of, something in the fashion industry and something that will help other people as well. So all you dreamers out there, dream big, no one's stopping you!

5. Fun
Out of all those above, I can say I am mostly this. I joke around pretty much 90% of the time when I'm around my closest friends. I don't like being serious all the time, it makes me feel old. (lol) Sometimes I'd go out of my way and embarrass myself on social media posting quirky videos that I have a feeling at some point in my life I'd regret posting it. But hey, we only live once, why not show the world who you really are. I'm not really that sophisticated conyo person some people think I am, I can be that laid-back chic that just jokes around and smile all day with her gums out in the open. Of course, I can't escape the fact that I have a double chin that still stays with me ever since my ultra-chubby days. So that's a plus, friends laugh at my double chin..

So yes, that is me in 5 words. I guess starting my blog again might require a little bit of an introduction, so here's mine. I'm joy, nice to meet you!

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