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Starting a blog was easy, but maintaining it isn't. Being a newbie in this style blogging world, I've realized that not only do you need time and effort but also creativity. And lots of it. The audience's satisfaction, being one of the main reasons why bloggers blog, deserves nothing but the best. Since I know I'm not really an expert in this industry, I figured, the only way for me to give out the best style tips and whatnot (hehe), is to learn and get inspired.

Want to be Style-savvy? One great idea is to splurge in Fashion related books, I find it so helpful in determining your style and discovering great pieces to add to your wardrobe. Some can be on the pricey side, but trust me, it's worth it.

Stylized by Liz Uy, The teen vogue hand book, The candy style guide

Another great piece of literature, is of course, the ever present-in-our-households, the magazine. I absolutely find Preview magazines very fashion-forward, they give out great tips and lots of trends to follow. I love collecting Preview, for some reason, it doesn't matter what month (or even year) it was published, their fashion is very timeless. The pieces are so well put together that if given the chance, I'd want to work in Preview. (I love that magazine, THAT much) 

To be a great fashion blogger, I find that an essential tip is to stalk other successful fashion bloggers. Look at their layout design, their photography, the way they write or simply the whole blog. This doesn't mean you should imitate them in any way (that is a big no-no), of course be yourself, but a little inspiration from their blogs won't hurt. To do thy stalking effectively I came across an app called "bloglovin'", it's a great app if you want to read your favorite blogger's new post in one single application. Try it out! 

And of course, the ever lovely Camille Co, one of my ultimate favorite fashion bloggers, on my bloglovin' account.  

I hope I gave you a sudden urge to read more fashion-related works to feed your fashion-hungry self (haha what..) Until next post! 

PS please excuse my non-existent photography skills.

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