Monochromatic lines

5:09 PM

In all honesty, this outfit post has been long overdue. With my grandfather's recent passing and the start of my last semester in college, I've been quite the busy girl. But more on this outfit, I've decided to just play it simple with just plain ol' black and white (and a hint of nude for my heels). I find it very easy to pair black and white pieces together, I mean, who doesn't?? But I guess I mean that, black and white can be so forgiving, no one can go wrong. Fool-proof outfit if you ask me.

So I've paired up these monochromatic printed trouser-like leggings (let's call them treggings shall we?) with a white off-shoulder ruffled crop top. I liked how the softness of the top balances out the harsh lines of the printed treggings. Since the treggings have a trouser-like feel to it, it makes it less likely to have our female parts defined while using it, that's why it was safe to use a crop top and to show a hint of skin. Aside from that, the slimness of the nude pumps just goes perfectly with the outfit rather than wearing something so bulky. Although using pumps with a pop of color like red or any neon color, would go absolutely great with this outfit. (Sadly I don't have a pair of red pumps yet.)

By the way, if you are wondering, how come my photos in this post looked so professional all of a sudden? Well because this was actually taken by two of my close photographer friends, Keannu Alegata and Chum Aquino. So thank you guys for this fun biglaan OOTN shoot! 'Till next time!

Pink berry (local) Top, Bloomingdales "treggings", Call it Spring pumps, xoxoarmcandy necklace. 

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