Seeking Spring

6:11 AM

As I read my previous blog post I kind of noticed I wasn't very interactive to my readers. So maybe I can start off this post by asking; How are you guys? Hoping you are feeling all dandy as you read this. So by the title of this post, some of you might object that we don't have Spring here in the Phils. Yeah we actually don't. Although funny thing is, it also looks like it's Fall in the photos. Well ain't it just a whirlwind of seasons? Lol. But going back, Spring might not exactly be present here, but the Spring trends are, and what better way to represent spring than with pastels and florals? 

The outfit though does not speak Spring entirely, we still have those hints of "Winter" trends present, like the ankle boots and the fedora, although the fedora may as well be used all year round, don't get me wrong. But anyway you get my point. 

Ps. I got a new fedora!! Please do pardon me for I just might abuse it in my upcoming outfit posts. Just giving a heads up. 

Forever 21 Fedora hat | Betty (SM dept. store) Dress | Parisian Ankle boots | (Old) Cross-body box purse | Tomato Sunglasses

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