Sweatin' Color

7:43 PM

It's that time of the year again when I vow to myself that I'd workout more (more meaning everyday or every other day) and eat moderately slash healthier. For some odd reason these "vows" never seem to happen. And I absolutely blame it on my lazy potato-ness trait. It's not that I don't sweat at all, I mean, I dance almost every night since I'm a part of a dance crew that pretty much has bookings many days a month, so I devote my nights to practicing routines which results me to sweat buckets. Majority of the time, I'd get slimmer, but since I don't really eat particularly healthy, I just gain back the pounds I've shed in weeks (or sometimes days) time.

Since it's finally March, the month I finally graduate college (holy molly I can't believe it), and I'm sure I'd have many more time on my plate to workout, I guess I can say "IT'S TIME", I need to set fitness goals and a schedule on my workout routine. Let's just hope I get to stick to it this time. So for my outfit, I chose to pair up a razor back cropped tank along with my skort, (it's actually a pair of shorts that look like a skirt) and trainers. To add a bit more color and to tie the outfit together (pun intended), I got a long sleeved sweater to tie around my waist. Spell sporty.

ps. on the shoe shot, my boyfriend wanted to make an appearance with his pair of Nike rosche. He takes my photos btw. Hashtag supportive boyfie. Lol.

pps. I look like a zombie because I lack sleep, shocking how concealer couldn't even cover that up.

Forever 21 Cropped Tank and Skort | Aeropostale Sweater | Nike Trainers

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