The highs and lows of Black

5:26 AM

Surprisingly, as a kid growing up I wasn't allowed to wear black because my mom told me that it's not a color for kids to use. I was so confused back then because I could see a few of my friends wearing black whereas I was limited to anything but. Well a decade and a few years later, here I am using all the black I could get my hands on. 

At first I thought this top was a dress upon it was given to me, apparently I held it the wrong way (as you can see it's a high-low top). Nevertheless I am absolutely grateful to the couple that gave this to me as a thank you gift for lending my mannequin, I would've just lent it even without the gift, but thanks anyway. I felt a bit in that must-wear-black-on-grey moods (if that's even a mood to begin with) so I just went for it. Paired this top with a pair of grey pants cuffed on the end and my pair of velvety ankle booties that wasn't exactly clean.


Forever 21 Top | Human Pants | Parisian Ankle Booties | SM Dept store Purse

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