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Lately I've been having problems with the photos I upload to this blog, ever since I changed from Windows to Mac (with retina display), I can literally see how my photos lost almost all its quality after having to resize it for the blog. It's driving me crazy to no extent, I've been searching highs and lows on how to effectively edit my photos without losing its quality when I eventually put it up on the blog. If you guys have any helpful tips or something, it would be very much appreciated!!

This outfit was actually shot a few weeks ago, even before I had my braces taken out. I almost forgot about it. Lol. It seems tho that as I grow older my color palette is becoming a lot smaller, I just noticed that almost all of the items I just recently bought where either black, white or grey. Talk about monochromatic mayhem! (Hey I should use that as a post title) White pants are actually easy to pair up with, any colored top would go great with this, but of course you need to incorporate a few more white details to pull it all together. Here I just decided to go casual, just fit for a nice walk with a friend, in my case, my boyfriend.


Forever 21 Necklace | Bloomingdales Top (I wore here) | Divisoria Pants | So Fab! Flats | Thrift Shop Purse

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  1. Looking fab and pretty! :)

  2. Great post!

  3. My favorite combo, black and white! <3 You're so pretty! :)

    Lime & Life

    1. Hi Janine! That's so sweet, thank you! Yeah BNW is also my fave combo lately, you just can't go wrong with it! Xx


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