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While all the bloggers are blogging about their New year's eve/day outfit, I'm here blogging about something else. I guess I still haven't gotten the hang of this take outfit shots almost everyday and post it right away thing. First off, I don't know how to manage my time when it comes to shoots. Second is I seem to run out of clothes these days to blog since I don't go shopping that often (Mainly because there is no legit mall here to begin with). Last is, blogging about an outfit causes me to have large amounts of brain farts, I'm still trying so hard to manage that. 

Anyhoo, enough of the chit chat and on to the outfit. I was feeling a bit monochromatic and I wanted to really try the ever so famous androgynous styling. So this is what I've come up with. A houndstooth boxy top, with black high waisted shorts, booties and a chain purse.  And of course, a swipe of my new plum lippie, "Black Cherry" by Nyx. 

I was honestly debating on whether I should use my beanie that was given to me by a dear friend or not. I figured, I would just shoot both outfits, with and without that beanie. I'm not really sure which look I liked more but I honestly think that beanie just made my face rounder than it is already, so I'm not sure that's a good thing.

Bloomingdales Top | Big V's Shorts | Parisian Ankle booties | SM dept. store Purse

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