Going green

10:24 PM

On the first of January, I wanted to look a bit classy for our usual New year's day lunch with the immediate family. And I wanted to look put together yet effortless at the same time, if that made sense. So I decided to just use minimal accessories to finish up the look.

For my outfit, I wore a shift dress that was given to me by my Ninang for Christmas with a statement necklace in the same color. I know usually we use a necklace that would most likely contrast with the color of our top or dress, but I noticed a new trend where they layer on clothing items of the same color, so I figured I could do that with an accessory as well. (I couldn't really pull off a coat because the weather just wouldn't let it) For shoes, I just wore my trusty nude pumps. And I finished the look with my neutral bowling bag typed purse.


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