Grays and Pleather

4:02 AM

Gray on gray. I'm not entirely sure if I pulled it off or not, but this was my take on it. I remember when I was younger I used to wear clothes that had so much color in them, and I'd make sure to match my purse and shoes with the same array of bright fun and attention-getting colors. But as I got older, I noticed I leaned more on the bland colors, the neutrals, the blacks and whites and whatnot (haha I had to) but of course, I still had that colorful joy deep in me. How has your clothing choices change over the years?

In this outfit, I wore my dark washed high-waisted Joni jeans, paired it up with a cropped high-necked top, a pleather blazer, a thin belt, a chain cross body bag and my trusty nude pumps. It was a cross between casual, sophisticated and badass kind of outfit, that was the only way I could describe it.

(from a night market in Ilo-ilo) Joni Jeans | GTWFAB by SM Top | SM Purse | Mossimo Blazer | Call it Spring Pumps

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