Cruella De Vil

2:32 AM

I know it has been a few months past halloween and I am way overdue, but sporting a look inspired by a well known icon can probably make an exception. Besides, I'm not really all for that, "half-black, half-white" kind of hair, so I guess I'm safe. If it isn't obvious enough, I chose Cruella De Vil because her style was very monochromatic, sophisticated and of course, a hint of red.

Today, I wore my wear-on-any-occasion shift dress that I literally wore to a resort, a day out at the mall, school festivals and etc, but I really love the "Today's Outfit" print in the front which makes it so Me. Over that, I wore a chevron printed long blazer and for my hint of red, I wore my Red pumps that has a chunky heel and pointy toe (honestly, I really don't know what to call that)

I bet a majority of you readers have noticed that I don't normally shoot with a purse/bag. I guess I'm just not a purse kind of person where I have to buy a new one every once in a while, I don't really mind wearing my old ones as long as it looks good and the colors match. But probably since I'm graduating soon and sooner or later I'd be working, I believe I need to learn to invest in good quality purses and not just rummage into my mom's collection and eventually "borrow" them which usually means it would be mine. Ha ha. But I'm just saying, yes I do have a purse to go with that outfit, but no it's not post-worthy.

WAGW Shift dress | (Old) Blazer | Call it Spring Pumps

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