Cropped and comfy

8:56 PM

At first I wasn't really sure if I wanted to take my usual  OOTD shoot with this outfit because I thought it was too plain-jane, so I opted not to be all glammed up, hence the tired looking face, minimal makeup and messy pony-tail. The reason of pursuing thy OOTD shoot is non other the awesome background, I figured it would be weeks till I get back to this place or I might never get a shoot here, so since I've got my camera with me and a semi-okay outfit, it's a go-go then. 

For this outfit, I was just going to the mall with my parents on the search of the perfect dress for my family friend's wedding this January 2. So I just used my old cropped top with knitted detailing on the shoulders, my mom's old high waisted jean shorts and my new-ish gold slip-on sneakers that I've been wearing non-stop hence the mud/dirt stains on the white parts. (Clearly I've been loving it to death!)

Why don't we just choose to ignore the visible Christmas weight I've gained and not mention it ever, okay? Thanks.

(old) Top and shorts | So Fab! Slip-on sneakers | SM Purse | (no brand) Gold belt

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