Coral florals

8:03 AM

After almost a month of not blogging, I'm finally back. I won't go into details on my whereabouts and what I was doing, but needless to say, I was freakin' busy. (Emphasis on the freakin' please) Anyway, this outfit was shot in a hotel that I've recently stayed in when I went to Iloilo for a lil' bit of R&R.

For a day out just going to the mall, I decided on pairing up a floral Cropped Jumper and coral High Waist shorts. I went for coral rather than the ordinary denim because I felt a bit fun and I think it really brought out the coral florals from the jumper. For the shoes, I used my nude oxfords that I bought a while back. A pair of those can go a long way if you ask me, it can match numerous outfits.

Cropped Jumper from Forever 21, High Waist shorts from Bayo, Nude Oxfords from Juan (by Janilyn)

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