The White Rebel

1:35 AM

One day I was in the mood to mix edgy-casual and chic for some reason and I'm certainly not complaining. It came out kind of nice and more like my style. (I think) Actually I'm still in that phase where I'm not entirely sure what my style really is. I'm still experimenting with different looks and into trying out unique pieces. I just hope I get to figure out my personal style sooner or later. But for now, it probably is edgy-casual x chic. (lol idk yet, don't pressure me)
Going back to the outfit, the edgy-casual portion goes to my plain white V-neck tee, my cuffed semi-light wash skinny jeans and my checkered flannel top I wore around my waist. To add to the edgy-ness, I wore a gold chain choker that's actually starting to fade. (I crie) As for the chic part, it goes to none other than my trusty nude pumps.

I kind of like mixing up my outfits and hitting both sides, ie: a mix of "edgy x chic" and "feminine x masculine". Incase you haven't noticed, that's what I usually do for some reason. I haven't really been the one to follow to rules but at the same time I like following trends. I'm a very confusing person, to summarize this all. HAHA 

Anyway, how are you guys doing? We're almost halfway through the year and I still feel like 2015 just started. Where did all the time go? I have no idea. Let's just hope for the best this year and let's make it a fruitful one. 

Aeropostale V-neck top | Mango Jeans | (old) Flannel | Call it Spring Nude Pumps | Plains and Prints Gold choker

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  1. Love this look, the shoes are so nice x

  2. I love this outfit Joy! The last photo looks so beautiful! One beautiful lady we have here! <333

    The white shirt is the one of the most basic pieces that I don't have yet! Ugh. And I must agree with you, until now I haven't figured out the style that I can call my own. But I usually go for the casual chic type of clothing! Hehe.

    1. Awwww thank you so so much Janine!! <3

      You must get one asap then! It's pretty versatile. Haha Riiight? I'm so jelly of the people who get to flaunt their own style and get to really have a name for their style. In time, I guess? :)

  3. Your style here rightly fits with mine! I love something edgy yet chic and comfortable. You look absolutely wonderful here! Yey so pretty! :D

    Mimi | The Foxy Heroine

    1. Cool! I bet you're all for those plain comfy tees too right? Haha Awww thanks Mimi! <3

  4. comfy white shirts are the best...
    kisses from dubai ♥

    1. Definitely!! Lol. Thanks Mariyah :)

  5. I like how simple but chic your ensemble is. :) Good job on styling and nice photos!

  6. In love with the way you dressed up a simple white tee !

    RG @


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