Out-of-town Dungaree

8:12 PM

GUYS! It's been a loooong time since I've blogged! Like wow, it's been a busy few weeks for me, honestly. I'll probably elaborate in the next Life Update post, but as you all know probably, I've moved to the Metro to study, and classes starts in a week, so I'm stoked with that! Don't you guys worry, I'm sure to update you on how it is over at that really cool school.

On to the actual blog post! Quite recently, say two weeks ago, I went on a fun family vacation. First stop was the ever beautiful Cebu city. I think this is the city in the Philippines that I'd like to live the most. I'd have to make sure I'd visit again sometime this year.

Here I am again, dungaree dressing! I told you guys I'd be styling it a lot, have I not? The main reason of using this article of clothing is because that was the day I flew in to Cebu, so that was my travel attire, if you'd like to call it that. I chose to wore this because a. it was comfy, b. it was too bulky to be placed in the suitcase, so I opted to wear it then. And since that day we were just to be out shopping, it was perfect!

I wore it with a simple avocado colored v-neck tee, a pair of gold slip-ons and a pretty baseball cap. I absolutely forgot to get a closeup of the hat, but heck, it's still pretty far away!

More of my trip to Cebu and... on the next posts! Stay tuned guys! Lovelots! x

No Boundaries Dungaree | Giordano V-neck tee | So Fab! Sneakers | Bench baseball cap

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